Consignor release notes

At Consignor, we put great emphasis on software development to ensure our customers have the most competitive Delivery Management platform available. Our experienced team of developers continuously improve the Consignor software focusing on ensuring a stable user experience and developing exciting new features for the benefit of our customers. New releases are available to all Consignor customers. If you are using Consignor Ticket or Shipment Server, your solution will be updated automatically. Consignor On-premises users have to update the software manually in order to have access to improvements in new releases.

Release notes allow you to see improvements and new features in each release of Consignor On-Premises, Consignor Portal and Consignor Shipment Server. The release notes page also has a Carrier-tab which displays any new carriers added to Consignor’s carrier library, as well as any new products added to existing ones. With Consignor release notes, you are updated on new developments at all times, allowing you to make the most of your Consignor solution.

Find Consignor release notes here!