Daniel Diness Andersen, CEO, Temashop

In less than 10 minutes we were able to add three new online shops in our system, and we were ready to send out parcels.

Daniel Diness Andersen
CEO, Temashop

Integration of new online shops in under 10 minutes – Temashop.dk

Temashop.dk has since 2009 sent costumes and party supplies to customers in Denmark from their warehouse in Fredericia. Now the company expands throughout the Nordics and has furthermore acquired three online shops. According to CEO Daniel Diness Andersen, Consignor makes it easy to send parcels with the right label and carrier – even in the middle of a major expansion. At the same time Consignor reduces the processing time in customer service significantly.

Easy integration of new online shops

Temashop currently covers 10 online shops and a physical store. Within the last six months the company has opened an online shop in Sweden and acquired three online shops, and according to CEO Daniel Diness Andersen the integration of these new online shops has been efficient & smooth with Consignor.

“In less than 10 minutes we were able to add three new online shops in our system, and we were ready to send out parcels,” says Daniel Diness Andersen about the acquisition of three new online shops that concentrate on selling gadgets and gift supplies.

“Our ambition is initially to open online shops throughout the Nordics and then the rest of Europe. With Consignor we easily and efficiently added new online shops in Denmark and abroad. This was also the reason why we chose Consignor to begin with. We simply change the sender’s name and address in our ERP system, Magento, and folders to the right carriers, and then we automatically send the right labels from our various online shops,” says Daniel Diness Andersen.

Faster processing time in customer service

In addition to rapid integration of new online shops Temashop also experiences faster customer processing time when using Consignor. Customer service use Consignor Portal as part of their daily track & trace activities.

According to the CEO, the majority of their incoming customer calls are customers calling to know the status of their shipment, and therefore it is important that Temashop’s customer service is able to quickly and easily see the parcels’ status. Consignor Portal shortens the processing time, and customers get answers quick. Temashop also use Consignor to send SMS and email notifications with track & trace status to their customers.

“We get many calls daily from customers who want to know where their parcel is – and then we are able to easily track their parcels. One click and we will find the status of their parcel, as Consignor Portal is linked to our system, ” says Daniel Diness Andersen, adding that Consignor quickly provides the necessary overview.

“All in all Consignor makes us flexible and provides a range of options that facilitate many otherwise time-consuming processes,” Daniel Diness Andersen concludes.


Text by: Consignor, news@consignor.com

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  • Temashop was founded in 2009 and is located right outside the town of Fredericia in Denmark.
  • Temashop is the leading retailer of costumes and party supplies in Denmark.
  • Temashop has won the award Børsen Gazelle in 2016 for its growth and optimism.


  • 4 of Temashop’s warehouse employees are socially vulnerable, including hearing impaired and suffers from arthritis.
  • Temashop consists of 10 online shops and one physical shop including: Temashop.dk, Fastelavn.dk, Ekostumer.dk, Halloween24.dk, Bcos.dk, Kiwi-toys.dk, Kostumer.dk, Gadgets.dk, Skoop.dk og Express-gaver.dk and Kostumeshop in Fredericia, Denmak.
  • Temashop has installed Consignor On-premises at their warehouse, which is one of the three versions, which Consignor is available in.
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