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Before we started using Consignor we coded our own labels for the different carrier products in our WMS system, which was time consuming due to continuous updates from the carriers. Today Consignor does all this. Instead we are able to focus on what we do best.

Peter Slatcher
Logistics Manager, Prime Cargo

Prime Cargo: Consignor enhances operational efficiency and cooperation with carriers

3 PL company Prime Cargo uses Consignor to process shipments for their B2C and B2B customers, from point of manufacture in the Far East to final mile deliveries worldwide using various carriers & methods. Consignor is essential for the efficiency, reliability and final mile delivery at Prime Cargo.

When Prime Cargo every day picks, packs and dispatches parcels from their warehouses in Denmark and Poland, they need reliable systems that are well integrated across national borders. Therefore, they use Consignor for their shipments. Consignor is fully integrated to their WMS system, therefore there is no requirement for an operator to access Consignor directly. When the operator completes an order at the packing table, they automatically receive the shipping label as part of the system process, and if desired also produce a return label, the picker applies the label to the parcel. With Consignor Prime Cargo can be sure to have all the carrier services they want as well as updated carrier requirements, high reliability and quality in the final mile delivery.

Consignor is always updated with the latest product offerings from carriers, which means that we are able to offer a huge portfolio of carrier services. Before we started using Consignor we coded our own labels for the different carrier products in our WMS system, which was time consuming due to continuous updates from the carriers. Today Consignor does all this. It is especially in that field that we have gained time, so we instead are able to focus on what we do best, “says Peter Slatcher, Logistics Manager at Prime Cargo.

In the high season, it is crucial for Prime Cargo to have reliable systems that can cope with high peak loads. Consignor meets this requirement to the fullest, according to Peter Slatcher:

“Uptime is close to 100%, and if any challenges arise the Consignor support team are permanently on stand-by to resolve problems. We cannot live with several hours of downtime, and neither can Consignor. Therefore, any challenges are always quickly addressed. Consignor should preferably for both the end-recipient and sender be a system that you do not notice – but which is crucially important in the last mile delivery to the recipient. ”

Prime Cargo uses Consignor Shipment Server, which is one of three different software variants that are available to customers. Consignor Shipment Server is a web service that Consignor operates and maintains. It easily integrates with WMS, ERP and e-commerce systems. This means that labels are printed via API, and training in new systems is not necessary. Consignor is included in several parts of the shipping process, which benefits both employees and end-recipients daily.

Step by step: How Consignor is included at Prime Cargo

  1. The sender sends data to Prime Cargo about the end-recipient’s order and which carrier services to be used.
  2. The 3PL company receives the data in their WMS system which Consignor is integrated to. They pick the goods and print a shipping label via Consignor by scanning the order ID.
  3. The freight label is put on the parcel, and the order is completed by Consignor automatically sending data back to the sender with track & trace information to confirm that the Prime Cargo has picked and packed the goods. Simultaneously, Consignor automatically sends data to the carrier about which parcels Prime Cargo wants to be picked up.
  4. The carrier collects the sender’s parcels at Prime Cargo and scans the freight label to update the parcels’ track & trace status.
  5. The carrier delivers the parcel to the recipient, and scans the freight label to mark the parcel as delivered in the parcel’s track & trace history.

Text by: Consignor,

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Prime Cargo:

  • Prime Cargo A/S was established in 1998 in Kolding, Denmark. In 2015, the company was acquired by Japanese Mitsui-Soko Group represented by Mitsui-Soko International, which is one of the world’s leading logistics providers.
  • Today, Prime Cargo is an international freight forwarder company based in Kolding, but with departments in Poland, Hong Kong, China and the United States.
  • They handle picking, packing and dispatch of orders for both B2C and B2B customers.


  • In Denmark, Prime Cargo uses PostNord, Bring and GLS as carriers.
  • Prime Cargo has used Consignor at their warehouses in Denmark and Poland since 2013.