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With Shipment Server, we print labels, pack and ship from our production in Sri Lanka to customers in Europe – cheaper, greener and faster.

Nikolas Harvey
Customer Care & Logistics Manager, Tailor Store

How Tailor Store saved 15% in transportation costs

Swedish online shop Tailor Store saves time and money and reduces the environmental impact and delivery time by using new Delivery Management technology.

It is morning in the town of Alawwa in central Sri Lanka. The citizens are well underway with the day’s work, and at Tailor Stores production buildings at the river the soft sound of label printers that busily print for today’s many parcels is heard. The parcels have a long journey of 8000 km ahead of them. But how is it possible to save time, money and CO2 when sending tailored clothes from Sri Lanka to a customer in Lapland in Sweden?

If you ask Customer Care & Logistics Manager at Tailor Store, Nikolas Harvey, the answer is simple: Consignor Shipment Server.

“With Consignor Shipment Server, we print labels, package and ship from our production in Sri Lanka to customers in Europe. The parcels are flown from Sri Lanka to Oslo, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Zürich. Then they are sorted on PostNord, DHL and Swiss Post terminals and transported by truck to the end user. It is cheaper in transportation costs and reduces the environmental impact and the delivery time, as we previously flew all parcels to Helsingborg, from where they were transported by truck to the terminals, ” Nikolas Harvey explains.

Consignor Shipment Server is a Delivery Management web service, which Consignor operates and maintains. It easily integrates with ERP systems and web shops. This means that labels are printed from the Internet, and training in new systems is not necessary. Shipment Server can be accessed no matter where in the world you are. The web service harmonizes well with Tailor Stores future plans.

We are secured for the future
Tailor Store sells tailored clothing for almost the entire world and with focusing on more sales, especially outside Europe in the future, the Swedish online tailor has the logistics under control.

“We are secured for the future, because we can easily expand our market to other countries, because the web service includes more than 300 carriers,” Nikolas Harvey says.

However, it is not only the number of carriers that are beneficial to Tailor Store’s future plans. Consignor’s Swedish Country Manager, Mattias Gredenhag, explains:

“If Tailor Store needs other carriers than we offer, we can easily connect them to a new carrier. And with our operating of Consignor Shipment Server, Tailor Store is updated with access to the newest services by the carriers. They do not need to spend time maintaining and updating Consignor Shipment Server. We do this for them.”


Text by: Consignor, news@consignor.com

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Tailor Store:

  • Known for their tailored shirts.
  • Headquarter in Helsingborg, Sweden.
  • Production in Sri Lanka with more than 450 employees.
  • Sends more than 60,000 parcels a year from Sri Lanka to customers all over Europe.


  • No local installation.
  • Embedded directly in ERP, webshops or WMS.
  • Fast communication via webservice.
  • Prints returned in different formats.
  • Full control over printing.
  • Services always monitored by Consignor ERC.
Consignor Shipment Server