In short, Consignor is a more complete solution than other delivery management systems, and we wanted a state-of-the-art system. Consignor has the whole package, everything we need

Vidar Andreassen
Warehouse Manager, Glamox

Glamox: Consignor is the complete software solution for sending parcels

After the lighting company Glamox started using Consignor for their shipments, they not only save time on printing labels, sending parcels and pallets, but have also gained better track & trace, overview of freight costs and valuable analysis- and customer service tools.

Norwegian Glamox is a leading supplier of lighting solutions for schools, industry, retail, hotels, restaurants, maritime businesses and on- and offshore drilling rigs. They send lamps and related products to customers all over the world. In 2016, the Warehouse Manager Vidar Andreassen chose a new delivery management system, the software Consignor, as they needed a complete and professional system for handling their more than 100,000 annual shipments for customers across the world from Glamox’s warehouse in Molde, Norway.

«With Consignor, we transfer EDI to carriers automatically, so that we do not have to remember the many requirements of each supplier ourselves and it is easy to get started with new carriers. Via Consignor Portal we also have access to track & trace as well as overview of freight costs and shipment history. We also use Scan App from Consignor for our own drivers, so that they don’t have to stop by the office in Oslo to scan parcels,» says Vidar Andreassen and continues:

«In short, Consignor is a more complete solution than other delivery management systems, and we wanted a state-of-the-art system. Consignor has the whole package, everything we need.»

Glamox uses Consignor On-premises, Consignor Portal and Scan App for optimizing their delivery process. In 2017, they plan to expend the use of Consignor for more of their warehouses around the world.

Glamox will use Consignor in several warehouses
Glamox have integrated Consignor with their WMS-system Apport. That way, the logistic- and warehouse employees of Glamox can continue to work in systems they are familiar with, but with access to all features in Consignor.

«It is almost scarily easy to use Consignor, because it is integrated with our systems. Consignor Portal and Scan App are also simple and intuitive to use,» says Logistics Consultant, Kristian Thomsen Aakvik, enthusiastically.

Consignor Portal is a cloud based web service which is continuously updated with information about the shipments produced in Consignor and thus provides easy access to track & trace and shipment history. In addition, the portal provides overview of invoices and freight costs. Scan App is Consignor’s free scanning app for smartphones, which replace the traditional PDA scanner.

«We predict that Consignor combined with the WMS-system Apport, which we also invested in last year, increase the efficiency of our warehouse with 15-30%. In addition, Consignor will give us a better foundation for negotiating with the carriers in the future. With the great results Consignor have given us, we plan to expand the use of the software to more of our warehouses around the world over the course of 2017,» Warehouse Manager Vidar Andreassen concludes.

Text by: Consignor,

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  • Glamox was founded in 1947 in Molde. Norway and today, they have production, warehouses and sales offices all over the world.
  • Glamox is among the largest lightning businesses in the world with app. 1,400 employees globally.
  • Glamox’ warehouse in Molde is 6000 m2.
  • 32 employees work at the warehouse in Molde.