Jonas Larsen, Friluftsmagasinet

Our customers easily print their e-mail or web generated return label and we handle returns more efficiently at the warehouse.

Jonas Larsen
E-commerce Manager, Friluftsmagasinet

Friluftsmagasinet turns return management into a competitive advantage

With Return Management in Consignor the Norwegian online shop, Friluftsmagasinet, optimizes their internal return flow whilst offering their customers the best return options.

It was a desire for simpler return management internally and externally, that got one of Norway’s biggest outdoor online shops, Friluftsmagasinet, to choose Return Management in Consignor.

“Our customers can now easily return items via the return form on our website or print their e-mail generated return label and send their product back to us free of charge. They can also, as always, return their online purchases in one of our physical stores. Attractive return options are an important part of a good customer experience, which we focus highly on, ” Jonas Larsen, E-commerce Manager at Friluftsmagasinet, says.

A research shows that exactly these return options are the most demanded by consumers. As many as 81% of consumers expect that they can return online purchases in a physical store or send the items back to the online shop with pre-paid return labels.

Return Management at Friluftsmagasinet is based on a return portal that is connected to Consignor Shipment Server in their online shop. Their webshop supplier, Digitroll, has made the integration towards Shipment Server. Via Friluftsmagasinet’s return form the customer fills in the invoice number and zip code as well as the reason for returning the item and print a PDF generated pre-paid return label and send the product back to Friluftsmagasinet. The customer also always get an e-mail with a return label. Likewise, the return portal makes it easy for the staff at Friluftsmagasinet to keep an overview and update the internal return flow.

Saves time at the warehouse and in customer service
They especially feel the effect of the new return portal at Friluftsmagasinet’s warehouse and in customer service, according to Jonas Larsen:

“Now when we receive returns at the warehouse, we register the returns with a few clicks and use the invoice number to identify the order in the return portal. This way the stock is updated right away and the employees use a minimum of working time. Also our customer service has experienced a lot fewer calls regarding how to track and return their parcel.”

Jonas Larsen also expect, that the optimization of return management at Friluftsmagasinet will affect sales positively because of the improved customer experience. In that way, Return Management has strengthened Friluftsmagasinet’s competitiveness and shown to be a useful internal tool at the same time.


Text by: Consignor,

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  • One of Norway’s biggest outdoor online stores.
  • Four offline stores in Norway and one online.
  • Sends more than 35,000 parcels a year to Norwegians.
  • Customer experience and convenience is top priority.


  • Offer attractive return options.
  • Optimizes your internal return flow.
  • Various options for generating the return label.
  • Improved overview of returns.