We want to ensure that our customers have the most competitive Delivery Management solution in the market, why we continually develop and update Consignor with new and valuable features. In this article CTO, Mattias Gredenhag, shares new and upcoming features in Consignor.

At Consignor, we take users’ demands seriously, and with more than 10,000 customers in various industries, we get new development and innovation suggestions every day. Headed by Mattias Gredenhag our R&D team ensure that our users have the most competitive and reliable Delivery Management solution.

“We listen to our customers and partners and their input is important for advancement of the platform. This applies to both the carrier library, where the number of newly added carriers and carrier services are exploding at the moment, but also the platform itself, where new solutions are implemented continuously, so Consignor constitutes a toolbox of features that give users the opportunity to provide the best delivery experience and customer service,” says Mattias Gredenhag.

Mattias Gredenhag and his team have recently released several new features and even more features are coming up in 2019.

Newly released features in Consignor
With a focus on increased level of control, customer service, overview and planning, following features have recently been released on the Consignor platform:

  • Carrier Performance Reporting: The Carrier Performance tool in Consignor gives you the full overview of the accuracy of your deliveries: which ones were on time, which ones were delayed and which ones were early. The tool measures and compares the accuracy based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) you have with each of your carriers.
  • AI based ETA: Using AI and Machine Learning and based on tons of data from similar shipments the new ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) feature in Consignor predicts a realistic estimated arrival of the parcel. This is a great tool for online shoppers’ increasing demands for more information in the delivery process and it gives the shipper a chance to act proactively if a shipment seems to be delayed.
  • Dashboard improvements: The dashboard in Consignor Portal has been improved and now also displays number of outbound shipments and returns in progress. We have also added a link directly from the dashboard monitors to the filtered reports, which makes it easy to access the specific shipments.
  • Personalize your Consignor Portal: Make your own theme with the theme configuration tool in Consignor Portal. Configure a color scheme and add your own logo to customize the look and feel of your Consignor Portal. This is a great way to incorporate your brand identity into Consignor Portal and make it look familiar to fellow users of Consignor Portal. Find out how you make your own Consignor Portal theme here.
  • Route planning in Scan App: For carriers who don’t have a system for route planning, they will now be able to plan their delivery routes using Scan App. We have released a beta feature in the latest Scan App version which allows drivers to create an optimized route for their daily deliveries based on Google API’s. Give it a try today!

Upcoming features in Consignor
The development continues, and you can look forward to the following new features during 2019. They are characterized by an increased level of empowerment, online experience and customer service:

  • DIY Shipping Rules: We want to give users as much control over Consignor as possible, why we want to empower them to setup their own shipping rules in Consignor with a new GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is easy for everybody to use. That way customers don’t have to depend on Consignor anymore to setup or change their shipment allocation rules.
  • Ship Advisor 2.0: We are looking to improve our customers checkout solutions by launching new API’s for easy integration in online shops. The API’s give online shops access to Consignor tools that improve the check-out experience for their customers, including presenting the fastest, cheapest or fit-for-purpose delivery options. As part of this we have partnered with Klarna and are now working on an integration from Consignor directly into the Klarna Checkout (KSS). This allows for a more seamless, reliable and adaptive integration between Consignor and the online shop and brings out the value of the Consignor carrier library all the way to the end-customer.

We hope you will benefit from these new tools and innovations. If you want to learn more you can access articles about this in our Help Center or you can get in touch with us today.

“It is important for us to keep investing in developing the software platform to stay ahead in the competitive market of Delivery Management solutions and provide our customers with state-of-the-art software for their shipments. Consignor users can be confident that they never grow out of our solution, but the Consignor platform grows with them,” Mattias Gredenhag concludes.


  • 70 employees out of Consignor’s total of 165 employees work with software development.
  • Consignor’s systems are monitored 24/7 365 days a year by own teams, which ensures maximum availability and stability.
  • New carriers are added to the Consignor platform each week.
  • Consignor contains the world’s largest carrier library. See all carriers here.


Text by Consignor, news@consignor.com

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