The new feature was launched with Scan App version 4.3.0. It allows you to give a group of shipments the same status event using Scan App and thus provides a more complete track & trace history for each individual shipment.

Parcels/goods are often shipped together. They can be put together on a pallet or in a cage and be put on a truck together with other pallets or cages. This means that it is very difficult to scan and update the status of individual deliveries under ways to the receiver. If, for example, the truck is delayed, all parcels on that truck will be delayed and it is an insurmountable task to scan each parcel on the truck to change its status to “delayed”. However, with the Container feature, this becomes much easier and thus provides much better and more detailed track and trace history on each individual shipment.

The Container feature in Scan App will allow you to group several shipments together in one “container”, which can be a container in the actual sense of the word, several smaller shipments bulked together in one large container or in the sense of a virtual container for parcels sharing the same “destiny”. It is also possible to make several levels om containers, for example a parcel that is placed in a box/container, the box is placed in a cage/container and the cage is placed on a truck/container. Statuses can be added on all levels.

Better overview, faster
By grouping shipments together with the new Container feature, you will get a better overview and control of your shipments, especially if shipping many small items. Instead of scanning every single parcel on a truck to update their status, the agent can just scan the container ID to update the status of all shipments/”children” in the container.

It is also possible to add events via return data from the carrier with container ID as the key.

Go here to learn how to enable and use the Container feature in Scan App

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