Urb-it is a new carrier in Consignor’s carrier library. But Urb-it is not your usual carrier, by delivering to customers by foot, bike or public transportation, they aim to make last-mile delivery sustainable.

“At Urb-it we aim at building the best possible customer experience, always in a sustainable way. We deliver anywhere and anytime, even within the hour if the customer so pleases. When a delivery is requested, one of our Urbers picks up the the order in-store and delivers to the customer by foot, bike or use public transport, in order to be a sustainable delivery solution,” says Johnny Sällberg, Chief Sales Officer at Urb-it.

Urb-it has recently become a Consignor Carrier, which means that Consignor users now can use Urb-it’s fast, personalized and sustainable delivery solution for their shipments. Being a Consignor Carrier opens up a range of new opportunities for Urb-it.

“Being a part of the Consignor platform is an important strategic step for us. It simplifies the integration and interaction with our platform for our partners. Moreover, it extends our market reach, opening up a range of opportunities for new partnerships, as well as growing with a single partner in all three cities we operate in. Our vision is to deliver sustainability for everyone in busy cities. To succeed, strategic collaborations with companies such as Consignor is key,” concludes Johnny Sällberg.

Urb-it currently operates in Stockholm, London and Paris.


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Contact Consignor customer service if you want to start using Urb-it in Consignor.

Learn more about Urb-it here.

Text by Consignor, news@consignor.com

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