Mail Handling International is now part of Consignor’s carrier library. This means that Consignor users can now benefit from gaining access to MHI’s extensive international carrier and postal network.

We are proud to announce that Consignor is now partner with Mail Handling International. MHI is headquartered in Bristol and is one of the largest European providers of international postal services, with access to a wide range of mail and distribution options.

With access to over 200 countries, 80 carrier services and 15,000 international postal routes, MHI ensures that deliveries through their network are safe from market changes like unforeseen economic and political externalities.

“Consignor is one of the leading delivery management companies in the international game. The exposure that MHI can gain as part of Consignors growing library of carriers, connects us with the people who can benefit from using our services in future,” says Director at MHI, Alex Lawson and concludes:

“With similar dynamic, can-do cultures, partnering with Consignor will play a key role in our continued growth and success. In an increasingly digital world, Consignor are clearly forward-thinking, and MHI are invested in becoming digital leaders in our own field. We are thrilled to be able to provide delivery options to the ever-changing market and consumer preferences.”

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Text by Consignor,

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