The logistics industry is in for a paradigm shift from conditions structured by the logistics industry to a more customer centric approach. This was the clear message presented by industry frontrunners at the inspiration and networking event held by software company Consignor in Stockholm.

The 8th of May Delivery Management Software Company, Consignor, hosted Consignor Convention in the rustic spaces of Münchenbryggeriet (Munich Brewery) in Stockholm. The event was the first of its kind and welcomed guests, exhibitors and speakers from the e-commerce, logistics and transport business.

Online shoppers are more demanding than ever
A recurring notion was the fact that online shoppers have become more demanding in regard to delivery. To accommodate this, Consignor CTO Mattias Gredenhag presented how Consignor makes use of Artificial Intelligence for the new feature ETA, Estimated Time of Arrival, which orients both the retailer and the customer of an estimated arrival of the parcel. Other newly integrated highlights included a report feature, Carrier Performance, that allows Consignor users to measure their carrier’s precision performance.

Nordic E-commerce Advisor at PostNord, Arne Andersson, informs that Swedish online shoppers also have a need for quick delivery personalized to their schedule. He suggests Sweden most likely will have to rethink the entire infrastructure to accommodate costumers in all corners of the large mountain and woods-covered country.

Stress-free logistics
Drop shipping has gained momentum, as it eases the logistics of the retailers, according to Director Operation Excellence, Stefan Carlsson, from 3PL Aditro Logistics:
“We believe that we will see more drop shipping in the future due to the increasing demands of the consumers for a larger product range at the individual retailers as well as the expectation for fast and flexible delivery. Retailers may find it difficult to meet these requirements through their own inventory and logistics.”

This is backed by Sales Manager, Hans Grönqvist, from logistics company Swisslog that highlights the importance that online shops are ready to adapt as the market is constantly changing.

 Let the delivery do the selling
While e-commerce is increasing, the demands for greater efficiency and customized logistic solutions increase as well, tells Director Corporate Development, Mikael Törnqvist, from Aditro Logistics in a presentation. He also notes that this means the logistics industry has gone from a cost focus to a customer focus. Companies should therefore see their logistics as marketing rather than a cost, as customers require fast and flexible delivery, Mikael Törnqvist says.

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According to Sales and Marketing Director, Tobias Henriksson, from Consafe Logistics, the online shoppers do indeed have huge demands, but it’s not just about fast delivery, but about precise and customized delivery, for example if a customer wants home delivery between 5pm and 8pm on a Tuesday. Partner of NYCE.LOGIC, Niklas Nygren, agrees with Consafe Logistics and adds that customers have voiced a need for flexible delivery options post purchase.

 The future is delivered by Consignor
As consumers are more inclined to shop from the comfort of their own home, delivery must follow suit. Mattias Gredenhag explains that the growth expansion of the industry is huge. That is why it is important for Consignor to keep investing in developing the software platform.

“We listen to our customers and partners and their input is important for advancement of the platform,” Mattias Gredenhag says and adds that: “the number of new carriers in Consignor has exploded in the recent years, and we are now developing approx. 100 new carriers a year”.

Online shoppers were the main focus at the Consignor Convention. Currently the customers adapt themselves to the conditions of delivery, but the clear belief of the e-commerce, logistics and transport-experts is that the industry needs to become more customer-centric with personalized and flexible services – ultimately give the online shopper more control over their delivery.

This summary is a part of a series of articles covering a more detailed insight of the topics introduced by the speakers at the Consignor Convention.



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