Show relevant delivery options in your online shop

50% of online consumers leave an online shop due to a lack of delivery options. Ship Advisor in Consignor enables you to meet your customers’ needs for relevant delivery options in your online shop.

Watch how Ship Advisor works in this short video.


  • Ship Advisor is a web service that communicates via API with your online shop.
  • Calculates relevant delivery alternatives based on content of the shopping cart and delivery address.
  • Ship Advisor is integrated in your online shop.


  • Easy integration.
  • Show delivery options that match your customers’ needs.
  • Win more online sales.
  • Get loyal customers
  • Up to date with newest freight rates.

What is Ship Advisor in Consignor?

Ship Advisor is a toolbox in Consignor, that gives you the ability to display the best delivery alternatives in your webshop checkout. Ship Advisor calculates delivery alternatives based the delivery address and the content of their shopping cart. Relevant delivery options are crucial to consumers when choosing which online shop to make their purchase. This way you leave your customers happy and loyal to your online shop, and at the same time you gain more online sales.

Ship Advisor informs the customer about the shipping cost and time of delivery for the specific alternative. This way the customer is free to choose the delivery option that suits him best.

How it works

Ship Advisor is integrated in your online shop’s checkout process, where it calculates suitable delivery alternatives for your customers based on the carrier mix you have in Consignor.

Ship Advisor is a part of the Consignor software, however it works separately from Consignor. Ship Advisor communicates with your online store via API to get information about the content of the shopping basket, delivery address, how the order should be packed and your carrier setup to calculate delivery alternatives to your customer. The calculated delivery alternatives are instantly returned to your online shop via API, and your customer is now able to choose which delivery alternative, that match their needs.

Ship Advisor can also be integrated to other systems. If you are a wholesaler and you need to calculate freight rate inquiries, you can do this in your ERP system.

Drop points, freight rates and own delivery points

Your carriers may offer different delivery alternatives depending on e.g. geography and service level. Ship Advisor keeps track of all the alternatives and presents only relevant options to your customer. At the same time your customer is informed about the freight rate for the different alternatives displayed. This rate is calculated based on your individual contract with the carrier, and you can easily incorporate discounts or bill a surcharge for additional services.

Moreover, Ship Advisor provides you with the perfect opportunity to turn your own physical store into a pick-up point or even introduce your own freight service in the local area. In this connection, Scan App in Consignor can assists you when scanning and tracking the shipments. Read more about Scan App here.

Click here to read more about the technical requirements for implementing Ship Advisor in your online shop in our Help Center.


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