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Click’n’Claim insures your parcels on-demand

Click’n’Claim in Consignor makes it easy to quickly insure your consignments without deductibles.

Watch Hedvig explain how Click’n’Claim works


  • Insure valuable consignments on-demand with Click’n’Claim.
  • Fast handling and easy claim.
  • Pay insurance premium via Consignor.


  • Cover yourself against losses.
  • Full value insurance.
  • All carriers, all destinations, all shipments.
  • Zero deductibles.

What is Click’n’Claim?

Click’n’Claim is an on-demand insurance service in Consignor, which you can use whenever you have the need regardless of carrier and the destination of your package.

Many people think that carriers automatically cover all losses due to damaged or lost consignments. However, the fact is that all carriers operate under regulations limiting their liability in this regard. Carriers’ liability for damages is subject to certain limitations, which typically imply that they only cover damaged consignments by up to approx. € 10,00 per kg. This is normally not enough to compensate for the full value of the product, and consequently you are rarely indemnified. Therefore, there are certain advantages in taking out insurance that provides full coverage through Consignor.

Click’n’Claim in Consignor allows you to easily insure all sorts of consignments. Therefore, the insurance coverage is global and applicable no matter where you send your package. With Click’n’Claim you eliminate the risk of lengthy proceedings relating to claims for damages. You simply state the claim directly in Consignor, and compensation will be transferred to your account within 48 hours.


How it works

You insure your packages by filling out the fields Insurance in Consignor. The premium is calculated automatically and appears in Consignor before you approve the coverage. The insurance premium will be invoiced from Consignor.

If one of your consignments are damaged or lost, you do not have to contact the insurance company nor the carrier. You simply just log into the Consignor Portal, find your insured consignment and state the claim with a mouse click. The matter is then settled between the insurance company and your carrier, and the money will be transferred to your bank account within 48 hours.

With a few exceptions, you can insure all shipments with exception of valuables (jewellery, precious metals and stones, stamps, bonds and money), art and antiques, medicine, live animals and fish, tobacco and alcoholic beverages and illegal goods through Consignor. Consignors insurance partner is IF Insurance, and you can read their specific terms here.

The coverage is transferred from a Norwegian bank and your local bank may charge you a fee for the transfer.

Feel free to contact us in case of you have any questions regarding Click’n’Claim in Consignor. Contact us here.

Or go to our FAQ‘s for more info about Click’n’Claim