Value-added Services in Consignor

Value-added Services

Consignor focuses on the entire delivery process in order to provide you with services that bring real value to you and your customer.

Click and Claim Symbol

On-demand parcel insurance

Carriers operate under regulations limiting their liability if consignments are lost or damaged during transport. In order to cover yourself against losses, Click’n’Claim in Consignor is an easy and fast way to insure your consignments without any deductibles. More Information about Click’n’Claim.

Dangerous Goods Symbol

Easy shipping of dangerous goods

Through an integration to DG Office Consignor simplifies shipping of dangerous goods and provides you with an online dangerous goods catalogue. Furthermore, Consignor ensures correct documentation and prints all freight documents related to dangerous goods shipments. This way you don’t spend unnecessary time shipping dangerous goods.
More information about Dangerous Goods.

Ship Advisor Symbol

Relevant delivery options in your online shop

The right delivery options are crucial to online consumers when they choose where shop. Ship Advisor in Consignor provides your customers with only relevant delivery alternatives based on their delivery address and the content of their shopping cart. Let your customer decide whether they want their parcel to be delivered at home, work, drop-point or a different place.
More information about Ship Advisor.

Ship Advisor Symbol

Automate your shipping rules

It can be difficult and time-consuming for warehouse and logistics staff to remember and manually manage a company’s shipping policy. Consignor Shipping Rules automates your company’s shipping policy and ensures that you always pick the best delivery method for your shipment.
More information about Consignor Shipping Rules.