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Data validation and information ensures quality in your delivery

Data validation in Consignor enables you to capture e.g. wrong addresses before shipping your parcels. At the same time information about your shipments is stored in Consignor, which allows you to keep an overview of your shipments.

Consignor raises the quality in your deliveries with data validation and shipment overview in Consignor Portal.


  • Consignor validates all shipment data including receiver address and carrier demands.
  • Consignor Portal gathers all information about your shipments.
  • Consignor Portal is cloud based, and you can access it from any standard web browser.


  • Reduce failed shipments.
  • Fill in correct shipping information.
  • Save money.
  • Gain overview of your shipments.
  • Quick track & trace.
  • Live tracking.
  • Visualize deviations between freight rates.
  • Shipping information as basis for carrier negotiation.

How data validation works in Consignor

When you generate a shipment in Consignor, the system automatically validates all the data about the shipment to make sure that the information is correct and comprehensive. Eg. Consignor assesses if the receiver address exists and whether the information about the shipment matches the chosen carrier product. This data validation ensures quality in your delivery, as it captures wrong information while the shipment is being generated.


Consignor Portal gathers information about your shipments

All data generated in Consignor is automatically accessible from Consignor Portal – in any standard web browser.

In Consignor Portal, you can track your parcels, see the calculated freight rate and sort data by consignment status. In addition, the Portal allows you to generate reports for use in connection to invoice checks, geographic forwarding patterns, popular carriers etc. You can include and exclude information in the reports exactly as you want and export all the reports to Excel. You have access to the following reports in Consignor Portal:


  • Shipment report:
    Overview of your shipments’ delivery status from warehouse to receiver.
  • Package report:
    Overview of your parcel’s delivery status from warehouse to receiver.
  • Statistics report:
    Run statistics on your shipments (number, weight, failed etc.), carriers (product, allocation, prices etc.), delivery (type, address, country etc.) and much more.
  • Radar report:
    Overview of ongoing shipments that have not yet been delivered
  • Return report:
    Overview of returned shipments
  • Recycle report:
    Overview of your recycle pallets.
  • Invoice report:
    Overview of deviations between expected freight rates and your carrier’s freight rates.


If you want to get an overview of shipments that need to be internally distributed in your company, you can combine Consignor Portal with Consignor Inbound. Read more about Consignor Inbound here.

Consignor Portal works great together with Consignor’s free scanning tool Scan App, that allows you to use your smartphone as a parcel scanner. Read more about Scan App here.


Feel free to contact us in case of you have any questions regarding data validation or Consignor Portal. Contact us here.