Consignor prints everything you need

Labels, bill of ladings/freight letters, freight documents and dangerous goods documents. No matter what type of label or document you need for your shipments, Consignor prints them.

Watch Managing Director Gary explain the fundamentals of how Consignor works.

Watch how fast Consignor prints labels in this video.


  • Consignor automatically prints the labels and documents you need in less than 1 second.
  • The labels and documents are printed according to your and your carriers’ specifications.
  • Integration to DG Office makes it easy and fast for you to print documents related to your dangerous goods shipments.


  • Fast label print.
  • Automatic creation of labels and other documents for your shipments.
  • Save time on not having to manually type data.
  • Reduces type errors.
  • Save time for your carriers, as you print according to their specifications.

Easy and fast printing with Consignor

Consignor automatically collects data about your shipments via integration to your backend system. This way the paperwork for your shipments is streamlined and at the same time accordingly to your different carriers’ formats. Consignor is able to print at least 30,000 labels an hour even in complicated settings with many shipping rules.

Label print

Consignor prints your labels on a Thermo printer in different native formats (eg. EPL or ZPL format for Zebra printers) or on a Laser printer via Windows Label. The labels are printed instantly because of the integration between your system and Consignor.

If you need the label as a file, you can use the Print to file feature, and get the label in a PDF or BMP format. This can come in handy if your shipments are packed and labelled at another location than where the shipment is produced electronically. You can also get Consignor to mass print your labels, e.g. if you need to send identical shipments or letters to many receivers at the same time. Either way Consignor makes sure, that your labels always matches the specifications of your chosen carrier.

Return labels are also easy to print or send via Consignor. Read more about return labels here.

Freight letters

You can create freight letters in several ways with Consignor: print freight letter together with label, print freight letter when transmitting data to the carrier or send data to the carrier, so he can create and print your freight letter himself. No matter how you handle the freight letter, Consignor automates the process, you just have to choose which option you want. If you use multiple carriers for your shipments, you can differentiate and automate how you handle the freight letter for the different carriers in Consignor.

Dangerous Goods

Through an integration to DG Office Consignor makes it easy for you to send dangerous goods. This ensures that you have the correct documentation, and are able to print the Dangerous Goods documents you need to legally ship your dangerous goods.

Read more about how you print freight documents related to dangerous goods here.

Freight documents

All other documents you might need for your shipments, can also be printed via Consignor, e.g. if you need daily reports of your shipments to make sure that your carriers have collected your daily batch. You can also create custom labels and documents in Consignor, if you have special requirements or want to send vouchers or campaign offers together with your shipments. Design your labels and documents completely as you want in Consignor. As well as with the labels, you can also mass print other freight documents.


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