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Consignor enables you to streamline your shipping process in a standard software that matches your business.

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Each interface has its advantages

Consignor On-premises is a Windows/SQL based version of Consignor, which is installed in your own server environment. Often in combination with filedrop integration.
Consignor Ticket is a web based version of Consignor, which is accessed via an internet browser.
Consignor Shipment Server is an API version of Consignor, which is embedded directly in your order system (ERP, web shop, WMS etc.) through webservices.
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Integrated to your own systems

Consignor can be integrated to your system no matter which ERP-, WMS- or e-commerce solution, you have. Whether the integration should be full- or semi-automatic is up to you and your business’ needs. Either way an integration to Consignor will improve your data quality, save you time and allow you to work in your existing backend system.
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Print everything in one system

Consignor combines the information needed to generate all your shipments in one single system. Labels, bill of ladings/freight letters, freight documents and dangerous goods documents in different formats are ready to be printed, when you need it. This makes it easier and more efficient for you, when handling the paperwork for your shipments.
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Shipment data is transferred automatically

Consignor creates a digital version of your shipments. All necessary data is automatically forwarded in the right format to the carrier so that they get all the information they need to handle your shipment – easy and efficient.
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