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Optimize your returns management in- and externally

Return Management in Consignor makes it easy for you and your customers to return goods. You decide which return options match your requirements the best, and how the return service is adapted to your business.

Watch this short video on how customers print return labels via your website.


  • Let your customers or yourself generate return labels fast and easy.
  • You decide the design of your return labels.
  • Scan the return label at the warehouse, and update your stock right away.
  • All returns data are stored in Consignor Portal.


  • Offer attractive return options.
  • Provide better customer service.
  • Win more sales and loyal customer.
  • Overview of returned goods.
  • Easy and fast handling of returns internally.
  • Save money on return labels and returns handling.

What is Return Management in Consignor?

Return Management is a service in Consignor that gives you the possibility to offer attractive return options to your customers. You can generate return labels in different formats through Consignor and share them with your customers through different channels (pop-up, e-mail, web site etc.). At the same time, Return Management optimizes your internal return flow. You save manual time used on matching returns with order numbers, because simply by scanning the return label you can get an overview of the return shipment’s details. This is effective for you and convenient for your customer.

Along with the globally increasing e-commerce market, the number of returns are likewise increasing each year. It is therefore crucial, no matter if you sell B2C or B2B, that you meet your customers’ demands for convenient return options, as well implement effective return routines internally. Efficient internal return routines help to keep overview of returned goods, handle returns faster and keep costs low in connection to handling returns at the warehouse.


How you generate return labels

Return labels can be generated by your customer or by you:

Label generated by the customer through your website
When customers print return labels through your website, you can set this up in two ways. You can use the very simple way, through our Online Returns Service or the bit more complicated way through Consignor Shipment Server.

Using our Online Return Service via Shipment Server
Your customers can print their return label on your website without you having to do anything – easy for your customers and time- and money saving for you. By deploying a simple script into your website, you enable your customers to create their own return label. The script is generated in 3 easy steps right here. See this short video on how Consignor’s Online Returns Service works.

Using Consignor Shipment Server

  • PDF pop-up: The customer generates the return label via your website. You decide what information the customer has to provide, e.g. order number, name, address etc. The return label will then be made and automatically pop up on the screen as a PDF, ready to print. You can also embed an approval procedure, before it is possible to print the return label. This method requires that you use Consignor Shipment Server.
  • Return label via e-mail: The customer generates, as with the PDF pop-up, his return label via your website. You decide what information the customer has to provide, e.g. order number, name, address etc. The return label will in this case via Consignor be sent attached to an e-mail to the customer, which the customer must print himself. This solution requires that you use Consignor or Consignor Shipment Server.


Label generated by you as sender

If you want to generate the return label, you have four options:

Return label with the shipment: Every time you send a package, you can choose to print a return label immediately and put it in the box with the product. The customer then receives a printed return label with the purchased product and is not required to actively provide a return label, if they want to return an item. This is a very convenient solution for the customer.

Automatic return label via e-mail: The return label is automatically generated and sent to your customer via e-mail, when the package is shipped. The customer must then open the e-mail and print the return label, if they want to return an item. This e-mail is sent from Consignor just like other notification e-mails.

Return label via customer request: Customer service can, at the request of the customer, generate a return label via Consignor or Consignor Ticket. The customer must contact your customer service, if they want to return an item. Your customer service hereafter generate a return label, which they automatically send via e-mail to the customer.

Return label saved as file: Consignor can generate a return label as a file and save it in a folder. This allows you to use the return label on other documents e.g. as bmp-file attached to the invoice, which is sent to the customer. This folder can also function as a return label library for customer service.
Besides the return label, you can also choose to let Consignor make a delivery note or other return documents, which you can design yourself.

Internal return flow – scanning and reception of returned goods

Return Management gives you better overview of returned goods. You get an overview of how many return shipments are on their way and generally optimize your work processes in connection with the return flow. It is up to you to decide what information appear on the return label or the associated delivery note, in order to handle incoming return shipments easiest. This can e.g. be the order number, item number or a message to the carrier, saying that the parcel must be delivered at a specific place. When you receive returns at the warehouse, you simply scan the return label and the order appears showing the details of the shipment. The returns data is then stored in your returns report in Consignor Portal.

You can also link the use of Scan App to your internal return flow, thus providing the shipment with a new status. This allows your customers to follow the return processing.


If you have any questions regarding Return Management, please contact us here.


Or go to our Help Center to learn more about Return Management in Consignor.