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Use Consignor Portal for track & trace and more

Customers demand to track their parcels. With Consignor Portal it is fast and easy for both you and your customers to track shipments. The Portal also give you access to other useful customer service tools.

Parcel tracking


  • Consignor Portal is cloud based, which means you and your customers can access it from any standard web browser.
  • Consignor Portal gathers all information about your shipments.
  • Track parcels and carriers in the Portal.
  • Gain overview of your shipments via reports in the Portal.


  • Always updated shipments information.
  • Access via browser.
  • Gain overview of your shipments.
  • Quick track & trace of parcels.
  • Improve your customer service.
  • Live tracking of carriers.
  • Use reports and statistics for analysis and carrier negotiation.

How Consignor Portal works

Consignor Portal is a cloud based web service. It is continuously updated with information on the consignments created by you in Consignor. This means that all shipment data is automatically uploaded to Consignor Portal and is accessible from any standard web browser. All you need is internet access, and you can log on to Consignor Portal anywhere and anytime.


How to track parcels in Consignor Portal

Consignor Portal allows you to search for status of specific consignments. If you only want to see consignments with a particular status, you can set up a filter to e.g. display only consignments that have not been delivered yet.

When you need to track shipments in Consignor Portal, simply log on to the Portal and type in the order number or other shipment data you may have on the specific shipment in the search field, and you are able to see location and status of the shipment. This allows your customer service department to offer fast track & trace service to your customers. You can also see shipment statuses in the shipment, package and radar report in the Portal. These reports give you an overview of your shipments. You are able to export all tracking information and reports from Consignor Portal to files or other systems eg. .csv, when you need it.

When your customers need to track their parcels themselves, you provide them with a unique link for tracking their specific shipment. You can give them access to their tracking link via e-mail and SMS notifications. If you want to send the tracking link via your own system, and not via Consignor, this can be done too. We set up your Consignor to export Portal data to your system, which then sends out the e-mail or SMS with tracking link to your customer.


Live-tracking in Consignor Portal

In addition to parcel tracking, you can also track those of your carriers who use Scan App, in Consignor Portal. Live-tracking your carriers comes in handy, if you’ve got a new pickup request, and want to see who of your carriers are close by. That way you can plan more efficiently and and optimize your capacity allocation.


Reports and statistics in Consignor Portal

In Consignor Portal, you have access to different reports and statistics, which allow you to gain an overview of all your shipments, which are on the way, delivered or returned. You can use the reports for different purposes such as analysis, geographic forwarding patterns, popular carriers and invoice control. Read more about reports and statistics in Consignor Portal here.

If you want to track incoming shipments in your company, you can combine Consignor Portal with Consignor Inbound. Read more about Consignor Inbound here.


Feel free to contact us in case of you have any questions regarding track & trace and Consignor Portal. Contact us here.


Or go to our Help Center to learn more about Consignor Portal