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Parcel notifications increase your customer satisfaction

With Consignor, you can send notifications to your customers about their parcel. You just have to decide how and when to send notifications, and what the notification should contain.

Watch Anne explain how notifications in Consignor works

Increase customer satisfaction by sending notifications to your customers via Consignor.


  • Send notifications via SMS or e-mail to your customers.
  • You decide what, how and when to send notifications.
  • We help automate your notifications.


  • Customers demand information and transparency in delivery.
  • Improve your customer service.
  • Reduce number of customer calls regarding tracking.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Keep your customers updated.
  • Possibility for additional sales and promotional campaigns.

How notification in Consignor works

Notifications to your customer are generated via Consignor Portaland can be generated in several ways:

E-mail: You send your own custom made e-mail with information to your customer. We will help setting up this mail-back feature in your Consignor.

SMS: You send your own custom made SMS with information to your customer. We will help setting up this SMS notification feature in your Consignor.

Export data: If you want to send notifications via your own system and not via Consignor, this can be done too. We set up your Consignor to export data form Consignor Portal to your system, which then sends out the e-mail or SMS with information to your customer.

Let events trigger your notifications

If you want certain events such as order website clicks, purchase, dispatch, print, transmit etc. to trigger notifications to your customers, we can help you setting this up in your Action Center. This allows you to send notifications that are relevant to your customers’ behavior and actions.

Design your notifications

It is completely up to you what the notifications to your customers should contain and look like. Content of a notification could e.g. be order confirmation, additional offers, courses, competitions, track & trace etc. Once you have decided the content and design of your notification, we will help you editing your notifications. This allows you to be fully in control of which messages you send out, and the gives you the possibility to draw your customers’ attention to promotional campaigns etc.

Feel free to contact us in case of you have any questions regarding notifications in Consignor. Contact us here.

Or go to our Help Center to learn more about notifications in Consignor.