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Proactivity improves delivery for you and your customer

The Action Center in Consignor enables to you improve your customer service in several ways, e.g. send notifications to your customers about their parcel, easy access to track & trace on all your shipments and get an overview of your carriers and pick-up points.

Action Center enables you to send notifications to your customers and keep an overview of your shipments and drives.


  • Action Center is a feature in Consignor Portal
  • Action Center is connected to Scan App.
  • You set up Scan App in Action Center.
  • Scan App transfers scans, signatures and GPS data to your Action Center.


  • Keep your customers updated on their orders and offers.
  • Provide better delivery experiences through proactivity.
  • Provide better customer service.
  • Track & trace.
  • Overview of drivers and capacity.
  • Control shipments in progress.
  • Make better decisions based on real-time data.

What is Action Center in Consignor?

Action Center is a do-it-yourself feature in Consignor Portal that helps you track shipments and get control over your delivery process. In the Action Center you are able to report and configure events and drivers, which you can use in connection to Consignor’s scanning tool Scan App.

You can use the Action center to the following:

    • Configure events available for you drivers/agents.
    • Setup rules for barcode validation, e.g. the scanned barcode must be 20 characters long.
    • Live tracking of your drivers/agents, who are using Scan App.
    • Detailed overview of drivers/agents, that are logged into the Scan App and ready for load.
    • See the available capacity on a driver, e.g. if you have another customer pickup and need to find the closest driver with available capacity.
    • Trigger SMS and e-mail notifications to your customers on different types of events e.g. loaded on truck, ready for delivery etc. This is valuable information to your customer waiting for a shipment.
    • Trigger file export to external systems in formats such as xml, json, csv, etc. ERP, WMS or other systems can benefit from having this data exported back.

How Action Center works

You log into Consignor Portal to access Action Center. In the Action Center you set up Scan App and invite new agents.

In the Action Center you define different events in Scan App upon which Consignor automatically will send notifications to your customers. These notifications can be anything you want to inform your customers about e.g. if their parcel gets delayed or damaged or promotional campaigns etc.

In addition, Scan App let’s you track shipments and drivers by sending data from scans, signatures and GPS to your Action Center. This way if you’ve got a new pickup request, it is easy to see the closest driver by using the live tracking tool in Action Center – a nice tool for efficient planning and capacity allocation. Other than keeping a high informative level towards your customers, all the data available in Action Center also enables you to make better decisions based on real-time data.


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