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Customer Service

All the customer service tools you need in order to give your customers the best delivery experience.

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Track your parcel

Tracking is a must when delivering goods or parcels nowadays. Consignor Portal is a cloud-based service and is continuously updated with information on the shipments. The Portal allows you to see the current status of specific shipments. More information about parcel tracking.

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Notify your customer

Information and transparency in delivery are highly valued by the recipient. In Consignor you are able to notify your customers about their parcels via SMS or e-mail. You manage the design and triggers, so your customers are notified in the way that suits their needs and your business best. More information about notifications.

Return Management Symbol

Easy return management

With Return Management in Consignor you are able to offer your customers attractive return options. Internally you get a better overview of returned goods, including how many return shipments are on their way, and an opportunity to optimize your work processes in connection with the return flow. More information about Return Management.

Action Center Symbol

Proactive actions towards your customers

The Action Center in Consignor is a toolbox that enables you to be proactive towards your customers. This can be everything from notifying the customer if their parcel gets damaged during transport to register mandatory verifications on specific shipments. This allows you to be proactive on any incidents occurring in the shipping process. More information about Action Center.