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Consignor calculates your freight rates

Consignor’s freight rate calculator shows you the exact freight rate before you create your shipment. This allows you to control and manage your shipping from a thorough financial insight.

Watch Robert explain how the Freight Rate Calculator in Consignor works.

Compare pre-calculated freight rates with the price billed by your carrier with Consignor’s freight rate calculator.


  • The Freight Rate Calculation tool in Consignor calculates your freight rates based on your carrier agreements
  • Get the calculated freight rate before you book your shipment.
  • The calculated freight rates are stored in Consignor Portal.
  • Consignor can export freight rates to exactly the system you want


  • Get freight rate calculation when you need it.
  • Compare pre-calculated freight rates with carrier rates.
  • Save money on freight.
  • Basis for carrier negotiation.

Freight Rate Calculation in Consignor

The Freight Rate Calculation tool in Consignor calculates your exact freight rates based on the agreement you have with the specific carrier. Whether your price agreement is based on distance, geographical zones, national/international shipments and/or index prices Consignor handles the calculation and provides you with the expected freight rate.

The calculated freight rate is shown for each individual consignment before you book it for shipping. Subsequently, you can easily compare the pre-calculated freight rates with the price invoiced by your carrier in the invoice report in Consignor Portal.


FREIGHT RATE CALCULATION from carrier webservice

If the carrier offers a Rate Calculation Service, Consignor can connect to that and get your predefined freight rate based on the information used for creating the shipment (sender, receiver, service, volume etc). As with invoicing, Consignor stores this information in the Consignor Portal and thus you have the exact same benefits for reporting etc.

Consignor exports freight calculations

When you book a consignment in Consignor, the calculated freight rate is automatically uploaded to Consignor Portal, where it is stored for subsequent invoice control. You can perform invoice control by means of the reporting and statistics tools in Consignor Portal, which allow you to check that each individual consignment is billed correctly by your carrier.

If you need the freight rate calculations to be exported to any other system e.g. your e-commerce, ERP or WMS system, Consignor is able to do this via API or filedrop. This way you can keep working in your core business system even when using the freight rate calculator.


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