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Consignor provides you with an overview of your costs

Get a complete overview of all your shipping costs with return data, reports and invoice control.


  • Consignor receives return data from the carriers. This can include freight rates, shipping volume, weight etc.
  • Choose between different reports in Consignor Portal to get the best overview of your shipping costs.
  • Invoice control in Consignor Portal visualizes deviations between expected freight rates and invoiced freight rates.


  • Get an overview of your shipping costs.
  • Avoid mis- or overbilling.
  • Save money on freight.
  • Negotiate freight rates with your carriers.
  • Avoid shipping methods that don’t suit your shipment.

Keep track of costs with return data

Consignor collects return data from your carriers. These return data can e.g. be the invoiced rate per shipment from the carrier. You can use these return data from your carrier to compare with your own data to see if e.g. the carrier’s rates are correct. You can subsequently evaluate the deviations through invoice control reporting. The invoice report in Consignor Portal helps you with this.


Invoice control visualize deviations

Through the reports in Consignor Portal you can keep an eye on the freight rates from your carriers in the invoice report. The invoice report visualizes deviations between expected freight rates and your carrier’s freight rates. All calculations is based on your individual agreement with your carrier. This way it’s easy for you to stay cost conscious, as you are able to check if you are being billed as expected. The invoice report along side with other reports such as the statistics report work as a great basis for you to negotiate freight rates with your carrier. Read more about what you can use the other reports in Consignor Portal to here.


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