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Become a Consignor Integrator

What is a Consignor Integrator?

The majority of our customers use Consignor via an integration to their back-end system. This is why Integrators are an important part of our business, as integrators make sure, that the Consignor software can be used by all types of customers no matter their ERP, WMS or webshop solution.

This makes it possible for our 10,000+ customers worldwide to create more than 100 million shipments per year regardless of carriers and order system. In that way small online start-ups as well as group storage facilities handling many thousand parcels per hour are able to use Consignor.

As a Consignor Integrator you provide your customers with a seamless integration to a professional Delivery Management platform and your customers can take advantage of all the tools the Consignor platform offers to make delivery work as a competitive advantage.

Why you should be a Consignor Integrator

As a Consignor Integrator you gain following advantages:

  • Showcase to more than 10,000 Consignor customers
  • Marketed at Consignor’s website with company logo and link to your website
  • Access to Consignor marketing material, tools and vital information
  • Access to Consignor Customer Service and technical development team
  • A favorable economic kick-back

And your customers gain following advantages:

  • Seamless integration between Consignor and the system you provide
  • Freedom to choose which integration set-up that matches their routines
  • Possibility to upgrade their delivery processes without having to work in a new system
  • Automatically shipment data transfer to carrier and validated shipment labels
  • Easy access to track & trace information from all carriers
  • Easy return management
  • Spontaneously parcel insurance for valuable shipments

How to get started

  1. Get in touch! Catch us at or +44 1628 200722
  2. Go through our technical blog and consider together with our Project Manager how to structure the partnership and integration.
  3. Consider whether you want to join our Partner Program.
  4. Start telling your customers!

Join our Partner Program

As a Consignor Integrator you have the option to also join our unique and attractive Partner Program by signing up to one of the following partner options:

Lead partner

As a Lead Partner, your role is to provide Consignor’s sales department with leads and tips on potential customers. To perform this work, you have full access to Consignor’s sales and consultant corps as well as our marketing material.

Embedded Partner

As an Embedded Partner, you will embed the Consignor software into your system’s interface, enabling your customers to generate shipments through Consignor directly in their ERP-, WMS-, or webshop system.

Bredana has for many years had a close and constructive cooperation with Consignor, where Consignor’s expertise in transport has been a strong addition to our own specialist knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV systems. This consolidated approach has led to effective solutions with a focus on achieving benefits and creating value for the customer.

Carsten Slot
Market Director, Bredana

Through our partnership with Consignor we have met many interesting and relevant customers for our company. We are able to offer the end customer an optimized implementation process, as we through our partnership has direct access to Consignor’s support and technical development team. Consignor’s comprehensive transport system allows for many exciting development projects where both concept and technologies are challenged, improved and optimized.

Thomas Sørensen
Technical Director and co-owner, Vconnect

At Apport we have made a choice about solely collaborating with companies with the same fundamental values as ourselves on professional treatment of customers and a respectful appearance in the market to others in the same industry. The cooperation with Consignor gives us the opportunity to be at the forefront of developments in the transport market and a great knowledge of market trends through participation in Nordic Delivery Conference.

Christian Boie Nordstrøm Mikkelsen
Business Development Manager, Apport Systems