Software for easy shipping

Consignor connects your warehouse with your customers

Transfer data to carriers automatically

Print all shipping labels in one system

Integrate to your order system

Track & trace your shipments

Get access to the world’s largest carrier library

Send notifications to your customers

Get valuable statistics and reports

Easy return management

…and much more

  • Print all shipping labels in one system
  • Transfer data to carriers automatically
  • Integrate to your order system
  • Track & trace your shipments
  • Get access to the world’s largest carrier library
  • Send notifications to your customers
  • Get valuable statistics and reports
  • Easy return management

…and much more

Consignor Carriers

A Consignor Carrier is an important part of the Consignor software. Consignor’s carrier library is the largest in the world, connecting our customers to exactly the carriers that match their shipping needs.

and many more…

It’s all about delivery

Consignor provides you with a range of Delivery Management tools and value added services that
increase your level of efficiency, customer service, cost control and quality control.


Consignor integrates to any ERP-, WMS- or e-commerce solution and is available in three different interfaces. This allows for a streamlined process that matches your supply chain. You are able to print all you need for your shipments in one system and automatically transfer shipment data to your choice of carrier. Read more.

Cost Control

Consignor helps you to keep track of costs and pursue a sustainable freight economy. Use our tools to pre-calculate freight rates and compare it with final carrier rates in the invoice control reports. Being in control means it is easier for you to negotiate freight rates. Read more.

Customer Service

Consignor’s customer service tools enable you to offer your customers transparency in the delivery. Notifications, track & trace and simple internal return procedures all represent customer service tools in Consignor and allow for you to be proactive on any incidents occurring in the shipping process. Read more.

Quality Control

Consignor enables you to maintain a high level of quality in your delivery process. Data validation, return data and our free scanning tool Scan App all play a part in ensuring quality in your delivery. Read more.

Value-added services

Consignor’s value-added services gives you easy access to e.g. parcel insurance, shipping of dangerous goods, enables you to automate your company’s shipping policy, and offer your customers relevant delivery options in your online shop. Read more.


The majority of our customers use Consignor via an integration to their back-end system. Consignor Integrators make sure, that the Consignor software can be used by all types of customers no matter their ERP, WMS or e-commerce solution. See a selection of which systems Consignor integrates to below.

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and many more…

Customer uses software with Consignor integration

Standard but Custom

Consignor is a standard software. This means that all our software innovations are available for all Consignor users. The needs are often the same, whether you have a few or many shipments. The majority of our customers use Consignor for standard needs, however Consignor can also be customized to match any unique shipping needs.

3 and 4PL

Consignor is a perfect match for group storage facilities handling many thousand parcels per hour because of Consignor’s flexibility, reliability and data quality. Read how 3PL Aditro Logistics uses Consignor here.

Drop ship vendors

If you use drop ship vendors (DSV’s), Consignor is able to consolidate your shipments from many different vendors letting you have a better overview of your shipments and easier access to track & trace.

Inbound shipments

Consignor is perfect for making incoming shipments ready for internal redistribution via scans or relabeling. This gives you an overview and enables you to track the parcel and notify the internal receiver via e-mail/SMS. Read how St. Olavs Hospital use Consignor for incoming shipments here.

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Customer testimonial Friluftsmagasinet Jonas Larsen

We are able to offer our customers attractive return options and handle returns efficiently at the warehouse.

Jonas Larsen
E-commerce Manager at Friluftsmagasinet.

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